A Few Factors for Successful Advergaming

There is a new star coming up… Actually,  Advergaming is not new, but old. It is just that marketers did not pay much attention to it outside of the US. Up till now… And as we always do, we consult the numbers:


Advergaming offers a different approach to marketing and reaching another demographic with the following advantages:

•    User engagement
•    Brand integration
•    Measurability
•    Two-way communication


But what is really advergaming and what are the types of this channel? A good explanation of the subject at hand can be found here. And the channels are:
•    Console gaming
•    Computer gaming
•    Online gaming
•    Mobile gaming
All these channels can be used as an additional tool to build brand equity and brand awareness.
But what are the keys for successful advergaming? To answer this question, I will be taking Turbo-Ice.com a branded game website that BrandGames created for Dunkin’ Donuts:
•    Do not forget that not only kids and particularly males ones are playing games!

•    Do not forget that your goal is to engage the user with the “brand experience”! – the Turbo Ice Coffee is in the focus of the game
•    Virality – foster easy share with friends and peers
•    Language – speak to the targeted demographics in their own language
•    Instructions – lay down the rules and functionality in an understandable way
•    Technology – remember that not everyone has the latest versions of hardware or software. Make it accessible to as many people as possible.
•    Uniqueness – offer something new, fun and emotionally engaging
•    Monitor, gather consumer data and analyse… And most importantly take an approach that makes the user happy – lucky draw for answering a questionnaire for example

And other points not touched by this game, but also essential:
•    Availability – offer multiple platform access – console, mobile, online and offline (Burger King Games)

•    Interactivity – let the user select their own characters, scene-setting and control on story development.

Did I miss anything? Let’s blog about advergaming!

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