The iPhone Evolution In An Infographic

The other day I stumbled upon an infographic that explains petty well the iPhone evolution in the past 4 years since it was introduced by Apple Inc. This infographic was developed by @shanesnow of Mashable.

Since my fourth Nokia E71 battery died this week, I am seriously considering purchasing a new mobile smartphone. I look at the iPhone 4G, an Android phone and possibly RIM’s Blackberry Storm2. My think, though is that I love QWERTY and can’t really see touch screen typing as an appealing lustre. Another downside is that the iPhone is with a built-in battery that can not be changed. However, the biggest turn off is that Apple does not really sell unlocked phones. Instead, they pair with mobile com companies. Hmmm, I don’t like it when I don’t have a choice. (especially when it comes to speed of data transfer)

Anyways, please find the iPhone Era Infographic below!

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