This year is the 20th after the release of Enigma‘s first album – MCMXC a.D. Since that debut Michael Cretu and the team have release numerous albums, singles and compilations that resulted in two decades of being on the musical scene. Enigma’s albums sold over 50 million copies and got over 60 No.1 spots on numerous charts worldwide.

Celebration is in order and what better than creating a song together with the devoted fans and the music lovers in general. To my knowledge no one has ever done that on the Internet. So Enigma is yet again setting one more surprise, a new trend so to speak.

Last night (October 5, 2010) Enigma launched a new microsite – The website will be the center of a three months collaboration with the fans that will result in a 20th Anniversary Celebration Single.

Enigma’s Social Song will be developed in three stages:

  • Stage 1: Your Voice – Original or folklore vocal submission by fans and musicians. Fans voting for the ones they like the most. Based on the most favorites ones Michael Cretu will be creating musical scribbles/versions for the next stage.
  • Stage 2: Your Track – Based on what Michael Cretu has come up in the first stage the user decides, which version he/she likes the most. The overall voting result identifies the basic song demo, but the user can also choose which lead instrument he/she wants us to include in the track. Then Michael will work on the final mix and offer it in the third stage.
  • Stage 3: Our Mix – In the last stage it’s all about the final mix: Your Vocal. Your Track. Our Mix. “Enigma’s Social Song” will be released  and can be downloaded or listened online at the website. The song will be accompanied by a booklet, where every vocal submitter, voter and co-creator of the song that stated his/her will is listed.

There will be also other social media channels employed to facilitate the communication and the creative process – YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. There you can follow the conversation, creative process and the different stages progress. So whatever channel is your poison, feel free to join!

Oh, for those that want to follow the project on Twitter – the official hashtag is #socialsong!

The goal is to have Enigma Social Song available for listening and download by the end of this year.

So feel free to take part, tell your friends or simply follow the creative process!

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