Skype 5 for Mac – Hoping to Stay in Beta

I have been longing for a Skype for Mac update for a while. There is somehow always a difference between the versions for the different OSes. And today when I saw in my Twitter stream that there is a new version released I was eager to download it right away. So the geek in me followed the link and got to read while downloading the file…

What Skype promising on the download page of version 5 Beta:

  • Group Video Calling
  • Effortless Search (some integration with my Address book)
  • Mini Call Control Bar
  • Or you can see the video intro below

What I got:

  • The new window is taking up 2/3 of my screen space
  • UI that seemed like a joke to me, before I learned that there is hardly an option to customize it the way I want it.
  • I got the feeling that I am on my PC where I am used to battling problems as opposed to my UX on my Mac
  • … Probably other stuff, but this is where I draw the line, deleted the new Beta and got my old Skype version back

On Microsoft’s OS the size did not matter, but that is because I have a bloody 22-inch screen. My Mac is tiny, portable, and my preferred machine. I use Skype for business and pleasure on a daily basis. So, you can imagine how frustrated I was when I experience for a few minutes the future Skype for Mac.

I love Skype and this prompts me to raise up a voice and layout my feelings. Skype 5 for Mac (Beta) is a step-down, not up. And Skype can do more.

@Skype – Guys, please do some research before investing man-hours into programming something that will drive your customers away! But if you are really convinced that this will not happen, then leave an option to use the old UI!

@You (the reader) – Have you downloaded the new version? What is your impression? Would you give up the old one and use this one?

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