Enigma Social Song Stage I Concluded

Last week on Monday, November 2, 2010, was the day that voting for the best vocal submission on Enigma Social Song contest ended. There has been great turn up full of passion, novelty and high spirit. People from virtually every continent (except the scientists further down South) were singing to give their preferences on what they like best. And one can only hope that the next two stages will attract just as much joy and participation.

But without further ado, let’s present the Top 5 winners in the order they’ve got positive votes (a.k.a. “Likes”).

#1 – Alise Ketnere from Latvia with her song “Fei Mea.”

#2 – Mark Joshua from Brazil with his song “Set U Free.”

#3 – Jerome Spring from France with his song “Time Machine.”

#4 – Rasa Serra from Lithuania with her song ” Oi giria giria”

#5 – Emily Jones from the USA with her song ” !2 Hellos”

All great and unique, indeed.

And here is what Michael Cretu, Enigma’s mastermind things of the turn out:

Enjoy and stay tuned for the next stage at www.enigmasocialsong.com

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