2010 Sends Best Wishes For 2011

It is the very end of the year 2010, and I wanted to take this opportunity to write a few lines addressed to you – my readers.

First of all, I wanted to thank you for reading my blog, going through different pages, sharing and commenting on posts in 2010. I hope you find at least some of the information and thoughts published here useful and interesting.

We witnessed a very digital 2010! Countless breakthroughs in the bits industry – some good and some not so much. But nonetheless, we continue to move forward and enjoy a medium that renders geographical and communication barriers obsolete.

So, here are my wishes to you in the coming 2011:

  • Be healthy!
  • Love and be loved!
  • Be successful and let other people be, too!
  • Be digital, but also take the time to enjoy simple analogue experiences with your loved ones – i.e. take a walk in the mountain or a have a drink with a close friend every now and then!
  • Innovate, create and take a proactive stand on human progress!

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and don’t forget to share the experience!

All the best in 2011, digitalis!

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