Steve Jobs Biography – The Book

Steve Jobs: A Biography
Steve Jobs: A Biography

“Steve Jobs: A Biography” by Walter Isaacson

There was a lot written already about Steve Jobs, his life, legacy and death. There was also a huge interest in the biography that Walter Isaacson. In fact, the book is so hot that it quickly became Amazon’s bestselling book in 2011.

I finished Steve Jobs biography a couple of weeks ago. I did not know, however, what to write in my usual book review post. I guess I am still trying to assimilate most of the events described there. Or I simply can’t accept the fact that a revolutionary individual with great capability is gone. Nonetheless, there is this blog post written on an iPad.Jobs had it tough. So did the people around him. But the outcome of his life is pretty much more than many of us will never achieve. Steve and his team at Apple were game changers and I hope we will continue having the same great user experience while using the products they have created.

The is so much that can be mentioned here, but I choose not to. Instead, I will go for just a few more lines and leave you, my reader, to make your own conclusions when you read the book.

Walter Isaacson has a great vocabulary and writing skills. I feel however, he could have expanded a bit more on each chapter of Jobs’ life. But I guess time prevented him from doing that. I am also wondering why in most of the cases he refers to Steve Jobs’ wife only by her family name. It kind of looks odd to me.

If you own a Mac, iPhone, iPod or iPad, do read the book! If you are a product designer, UX professional or marketing manager, do read the book! If you are a person interested to see what sets apart great men from regular Joes, do read the book! If you are wondering why the world went silent and then exploded when Steve Jobs passed away, do get the book!

Walter Isaacson, thank you for revealing some of Steve Jobs’ life path.

Steve Jobs, thank you for everything! Rest in peace! I will remember. Your products are a huge part of my everyday life.

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