Pervasive Information Architecture – The Book

Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences
Pervasive Information Architecture

“Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences” by Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati

Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati’s book was long waiting for me to get to it. In fact, I found myself a bit ashamed that it took me so long to start reading it. Once I flipped through the first few pages, I realized that I should have read it as soon as it landed on my desk…

This book is just as much about the digital world as it is about the offline one. It is a combination of both. And to be exact, it is about their intersection – that thing makes the user experience a fluid that flows between the 0 & 1 and the touch-and-feel aspects of our lives. It is about designing for a homogeneous experience when PCs get effectively replaced by mobile computing in everyday life.

Pervasive Information Architecture

“Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences” walks you, as it eloquently promises at its back cover, though:

As physical and digital interactions intertwine, new challenges for digital product designers and developers and industrial designers and architects – are materializing. While well versed in designing navigation, organization, and labelling of websites and software, professionals are faced with the crucial challenge of applying these techniques to information systems that link the digital world to the physical world.

Pervasive Information Architecture provides examples showing why and how one would:

  • Model and shape information to adapt itself to users’ needs, goals, and seeking strategies
  • Reduce disorientation and increase legibility and way-finding in digital and physical spaces
  • Alleviate the frustration associated with choosing from an ever-growing set of information, services, and goods
  • Suggest relevant connections between pieces of information, services and goods to help users achieve their goals.

I couldn’t possibly put it in a better word expression, so I’ll leave it to you to form your own one. Andrea and Luca did manage to offer an enormous shared reference and pull some perfect example of what Pervasive Information Architecture is and how should we be getting there.

And yes, it is a must-read for those that design user experiences or any information architect out there.

By the way, in the upcoming euroIA 2012 in Rome (September 27-29, 2012), Andrea Resmini will be offering a workshop on the topic. It is still not late to register here!

You can purchase here the Pervasive Information Architecture: Designing Cross-Channel User Experiences!

P.S. The English language Andrea and Luca use is so vast and particular that I did need to resort to a dictionary here and there. It is simply amazing!

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