Content Strategy For Mobile – The Book

The other day I read another book from the A Book Apart series (Brief books for people who make websites) – “Mobile Strategy For Mobile” by Karen McGrane.

In her book, Karen (@karenmcgrane on Twitter) writes about the user and how he/she consumes content and does that taking the approach of a content manager approach… or more precisely how the latter shall be approaching the user experience.

At this time of the different devices that we use to communicate or consume content, we need the CHOICE. The choice of starting consumption on our iPhones, continuing later on our computers and maybe finishing it off in the evening, while we are badged in front of the TV, on the Nexus tablet. And we should be offered the same user experience across the board – on all types of devices we use.

“Mobile Strategy For Mobile” walks you through:

  1. Your Content, Now Mobile (Read this chapter online)
  2. Content Before Platform
  3. Adaptive Content
  4. Strategy and Planning
  5. Writing and Editing
  6. Information Architecture
  7. People and Process

I am now observing how my conversation takes this fluid path, mixing up channels, platforms and devices. The same goes for many of my friends and peers. And while we are all in the Digital Marketing business, and it is probably expected from us to use multiple devices, the rest of the user base will soon be doing the same (if they are not doing so it already). A journalist, a lawyer or a doctor might be starting the day on the iPad while drinking the morning coffee and eating breakfast, move to the phone while commuting to work, switching to the desktop and when the workday ends repeat the routine from earlier that day… This is the true democracy (as in democracy).

In these 165 pages (paperback) Karen McGrane offers a lot of things to ponder on. If you are involved in any way to content publishing or its creation, do get the book! And the deliciousness of it all is that you can do that in any way you want – holding it and flipping through pages, feeling that smell of the print; or on your Kindle, iPad, Smartphone or desktop/laptop.

Have you read “Mobiles Strategy For Mobile” already? What is your take on it? Use the comments section below!

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