Mobile First – The Book

The digital landscape is moving fast. Content consumption is shifting its pattern,, and mobile devices take a bigger chunk of the pie daily. And in the mobile design world, Luke Wroblewski is one of the world’s most renowned authorities. He speaks publicly, blogs, and often writes to share his knowledge on design.

And his book “Mobile first” (part of the A Book Apart series) is exactly that – sharing amassed experience.  Luke Wroblewski points out a few considerations everyone involved or planning a design should pay attention to. The book is more of a strategic guide than an extensive how-to such. Nevertheless, it has many examples, aiming to create shared reference and serve as a starting point in the mobile design.

In the book, Luke will walk you through the following chapters of mobile topics:

Part 1: Why You Should Think About Mobile?

  • Growth
  • Constraints
  • Capabilities

Part 2: How to go about it?

I found this book rather easy to read and making me even ask for more. I also decided to spend more time reading Luke Wroblewski’s blog and following him on Twitter at @lukew.

Should you plan a new web design or revamp of what online real-estate you have now, this book is for you. Should you be engaged in any digital marketing capacity, you should buy it.

Just go and get Luke Wroblewski’s “Mobile First” at

Read the book? What was your take on it? Share in the comments below. And I will try to reply as soon as possible.

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