MobX 2013 Is About To Happen

MobX, 2013, here I come! All my bags are packed, and I’ll be leaving soon on a jet plane, flying to Berlin.

I am excited. I always thought that EuroIA will be my first big conference. But so it happens, MobX 2013 conference is two weeks earlier this year. Moreover, it will focus exclusively on mobile user experience – a field that will become more and more prominent soon without question. The user does very intimate things with his mobile device. He hides it in the pocket, he puts it next to the pillow, and he takes it to the loo, too.

About MobX 2013

MobX 2013 conference will take place in Berlin, Germany on September 13, 2013. And although it is Friday the 13th, it sure promises to be fun. The topics on mobile user experience and usability will be covering pretty much every mass used smartphone OS out there – iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows 8. There will be talks about enterprise mobility, multi-device world and… designing for Google Glass. The speakers’ lineup is also impressive. And since the conference takes place in Germany, I am sure there will be beer. And where there is beer, there is fun and laughter.

On the previous day (September 12, 2013), there will be three workshops. I am only sorry that I won’t be participating in them. But as far as I know, there are still seats available for booking.

Check the tickets and workshop prices! Make up your mind, but think fast! August 31 is the last day before the regular price goes up.

And here is the real treat: Use promotion codeborislavkiprinDOTcom” for a € -100.00 discount per ticket

Hoping to see you there… Just look for the average tall guy with the shaved head and most likely holding an iOS device.

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