2016 – Best Of A Year, Worst Of A Year

It was the best of a year, it was the worst of a year. And for a few more days it still is. Until 2016 passes the baton to 2017, that is.

2016 didn’t exactly unfold as you, and I hoped. In fact, it started somewhat on the wrong foot. First, David Bowie left us, and by the end of the year, many more legends followed – Leonard Cohen, Alan Rickman, Prince, Mohammad Ali, Gene Wilder… The list is long.  People who marked our history with blazing trails, who left so much for the generations to come and who would never be forgotten. May them all rest in peace!

They all left in the year of #Brexit, the Nice and Berlin terrors, the election of Trump, the bloodshed of Aleppo and literally thousands of many other disastrous glitches in the matrix we call Our World. We never got a rest, actually. Every day something was happening.

I wish for 2017 to be different and more on the positive side. I am sure you do, too.

And while I was not publishing much on this blog, my followers grew tremendously on my other channels – “Infographic of the Day” and Instagram. Visual content is proving to be the big thing in the year to come.

On a more personal note, 2016 was also the year I spent trying to secure projects and/or permanent employment… So far more unsuccessful than anything else, but the future looks bright and shiny. This is the only way I see it. At some point, I will rightfully find my place under the sun and amongst taxpayers.

Meanwhile, I have also reached the C1 level of German, completed a Product Management, Project Management, Growth Hacking and Social Media Analytics courses. I travelled less than the years before but still managed to see new places and faces. I lost some battles and friends, won others.

I have read a lot, focusing more on world history, geopolitics and economics. I guess I was trying to understand current events. Although the questions are piling up and surmounting the helluva lot of the answers I get, I still am.

Oh, and I’ve got engaged. I love it, and I am being loved. I am healthy and wealthy in so many ways. And this is what matters the most.

I wish you warm and happy holidays among loved ones! Remind yourself again what is so special about this holiday season – the love and cherish of those you hold dear to your heart.

See you on the other side.

And good-bye, 2016! Few will miss you.

P.S If you fancy photography, check out some of my perspectives, featuring Italy and France.

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