Therapy Through Writing

Writing is something I have enjoyed for the better part of my life. For a reason or two (or perhaps a thousand other excuses), I have not had the time to go after it in the past couple of years.

Never mind that, I have decided that I need to write as part of me trying to bring a bit of a structure to my life. Oh, and also for therapeutical reasons. My daily routine has gone haywire in the past few months. And for someone exhibiting OCD symptoms, this is not exactly a pleasant experience.

Here is what I am thinking – blitz writing. Not sure this word exists, but it kind come close to what I plan to do here:

  • – no particular format
  • – no limits set on the topics
  • – no particular length
  • – no “sleeping on it.”
  • – no slacking off

Just free-writing as often as possible. In fact, I have debated whether I should be sticking to a strict schedule (i.e. writing every day for a week or a month), but I am not sure I can come up with something to write about every day. Instead, I am opting for the proverbial “Let’s see how it goes.”

In that sense, I will not spend too much time redacting or looking into the inevitable grammar or syntax mistakes my writing will most certainly occur. The whole point is to get my writing mojo back. Somehow I lost it along the way.

I am also not planning to promote my blog posts beyond hitting the publish button and automatically being shared on Twitter and Facebook. Sharing on LinkedIn will only happen for the posts that make business sense. My main point is that I am doing this for myself with no other agenda, but to simply enjoy something I likes doing.

A byproduct of this endeavour is that I get to evaluate a couple of writing apps and see which one fits me best. For example, this text is written on Ulysses. I have also considered iA Writer, but this one would be down the road.

Write. Publish. Repeat.

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