Counting Calorie Intake Sucks

Don’t you just hate counting calorie intake? The pressure it puts on you is simply unbearable. Don’t eat this, refrain from that!

I’m a relatively tall man in a somewhat good shape. I am not thin, but neither I am obese—just a regular Joe with a regular waist problem. In fact, my wife says I am gorgeous. But this could be because of the relationship agreement we’ve signed, where she is to state this obvious fact at least once a week.

As everyone in fourth males in Germany, I actively do some sort of sports. In my case, the gym is my temple for six days each week. And every now and then, I tell myself I will start counting my calorie intake in the hope of keeping a strict diet and start looking like Ryan Reynolds in any of his recent movies.

I find the idea awesome and usually, I make a run for it in a pretty good way… for the first two days. Everything is logged to the dot, all macros are almost met, and I feel good about myself at the end of each day.

But what a nightmare it is when weakness hits me and I end up lunching in the local pizzeria or decide to make a pit stop in McDonald’s after my dentist appointment! It is excruciating to see how the calorie number mounts on the screen, the macros are all over the place, and the delicious double cheesed Diavola turns into a guilt trip down Memory Lane.

The app is effectively putting peer pressure on me, and I don’t like it even a bit. It judges the decisions I take and the choices I make. It simply does not respect the laws of liberal democracies. Frankly, it sucks.

Someone needs to develop empathetic apps, meals at McDonald’s and pizza’s which fit my goals, and a physical hi-five with “You didn’t get it right today but got close. Tomorrow you will do better. I believe in you.”

No one wants to hear they are not putting enough effort. No one needs to know they are not doing enough or as they are supposed to do. It is just not fair, and it hurts.

Shame on you, calorie intake apps! Because of you, I am no Ryan Reynolds.

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