Feminism For All

If anything, the world needs more feminism, not less. No, I do not mean more women fighting for their right to be treated equally (although this would be nice). I mean more men fighting for equal rights.

Societies, communities and families all over the world have any number of problems to face and fix. Some are imaginary, others are real, but there are those which many are simply refusing to address. One of the latter is equal rights for women.

The Oxford dictionary defines the word “feminism” as “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes”. Which actually means that men should not be afraid they will be called feminists thinking this might brand them as gay (Yes, new wave conservatives, stop worrying so much!).

In many parts of the Western World, women are still paid much less than men for the same Jobe description. In some countries in the EU, one in every four women is a subject of domestic violence. There are places on the planet where women cannot drive a vehicle or even take a stroll on the street without a male family member accompanying them.

A man sleeping around is called “a playboy”, but a woman will be branded as “a whore” for the same action. This is just one of the many examples of double standards of men’s seemingly common opinion, somehow being something more than the women.

And talking about pejorative branding, feminism has just the same connotation as the example above. Who says the world is not mad? Fear not, though! This is on its way to out.

Until the early 20th century, women were expected to stay at home, they were not allowed to vote or do pretty much anything that was not in the job description of a homemaker. The French and American revolutions, the Suffragette, the rise of socialism (and one of the very few good things about communism), and now the #metoo movements have addressed the changes needed in the men and women relationship.

The positive change is clearly seen. The problem – it takes an excruciatingly long time. It could be faster, you know…

Here is an unconventional idea, señor – your mom is a woman, isn’t she? Would you tell her ever she is not equal to you and does not deserve the same passes at the life you get just because you have something that dangles between your legs?

Be a man, embrace feminism and advocate the shit out of equal rights for women!

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