First Kiss

I am a sucker for romantic scenes. Books, movies and songs are made about this exhilarating culmination. Guy meets girl, girl meets guy, they go through things together and separately and then that first kiss comes into focus.

It starts slow, just a short small nibble. Then the embrace gets stronger and stronger, the heartbeat increases exponentially, cheeks are blushing, both breathing heavily, things start to get French…

At that precise moment, nothing else exists. Just you and the object of your desire. Electricity flows from one body to the other. Romance is not in the air, but in those two – floating, energising and sweeten up the deal.

Strategies and ideas are leading to this particular first kiss. One plot how it is going to happen, where and when. And it finally does, it seldom is falling within the predetermined stratagem. And this is the final twist that makes the magic happen.

Every first kiss is special on its own. The first-ever one is a wonder. The one in high-school is certainly different from the one in university. Kissing Mrs Right is mind-blowing, and it couldn’t be more different from making out at the bar in the club on Friday night.

And by all means, not everyone puts weight on the first kiss. It could be that theirs was a sloppy quick one, a rushed let’s-get-it-out-of-the-way type. You need to run away from these people. There is nothing for you there. No romance, no candlelight dinners, no weird heart-melting gesture. Just “Why can we just skip this and go directly to being a couple?”

If your first kiss is anything like the one Jack & Rose had in Titanic or Han & Leia in Empire Strikes Back, consider yourself a lucky one. Treasure it and tell your grandchildren about it. This tale is one of the best things you can leave for them.

And don’t forget to kiss! Kiss the hell out of that first time! Savour every single nanosecond of those 30 seconds on average!

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