Voting Populist

Voting populist seems to be a thing of the modern age. Well, not really, but it in the west part of the world it certainly feels like it.

Yesterday, The Guardian had a pretty interesting section published on the topic and even a quiz, so I could figure out where I stand exactly politically. It turns out that I am closest to the current Mexican president and I couldn’t be farther away from the 45th of the USA. The Guardian has spoken.

This comes in just handy, as I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes a person forget logic and release the inner primal fear at the voting station…

The problem with populism is that when push comes to shove, there is a lot of talking, twisting, distorting and pure lying and some action. The latter results most likely into a quick fix, so everyone would calm down, and a complete disaster in the long run. But many seem to be ok with this.

See, pretty much like everything else in life, actions cause effects. Governing the state is not an easy thing. Successful governors think a lot about strategy, consequences, goals (short-, mid- and longterm), coalitions, power plays etc. In short, there is a plan consisting of some hard choice and determination for their execution.

Populists don’t think this way. They are not proactive, they are reactive—everything for the good of comfort and glory. However, short-lived the latter might be, power is an addictive thing, and so is popular admiration.

For the love of me, I cannot figure out the entirety of reasons to vote populist. Many say it is all about fear, low IQ, misguided or lack of political education, etc. Not quite a flattering description, isn’t it?

And here, the clash comes, populists insult moderates, moderates insult populists, and it is an eternal circle of eviscerating pleasantries being exchanged. Almost every news outlet online fills the space above the fold with shocking content describing a day of this clash.

Voting populist is like a one night stand with a follow up ranging from a nasty hangover in the morning to a longterm battle with an STD. Making an educated voting choice is like marrying the on you love – it won’t always be easy, there will be ups and downs, but chances are that you will get more than a quickie.

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