Life Sucks – The Spotify Version

Today, Spotify offered me playlist with names like Life Sucks, Broken Heart and some other morbid stuff. The good news is that they are obviously reading my writing musings. The bad news is that they obviously take them for real. Word!

I started playing Life Sucks. It eased in with R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts, then it went on with Radiohead’s Creep and RHCP’s Under The Bridge. Halfway through, The Verve started with The Drugs Don’t Work. All in all, a good but morbid mood. But it made me think.

We go through life often unaware of how much stress and frustration we inflict on ourselves. Things that are completely out of our reach determine how we feel for a large part of our everyday lives. Projecting and blowing things out of proportion is also a thing.

And it all piles up until it breaks us. We close up in a cocoon position and start playing music. Sometimes it helps, other times it doesn’t. But it seems music is the preferred medicine around me… It could be just my balloon, though. You know, they say you get together with people you have something in common.

Whatever the pain is, its cause and consequences, I bet you there is a song to be used a balm and heal that wound. Well, at least to numb the pain. And I guess this is what we are all looking for, really – a break, even for a moment.

Life Sucks wraps things up with John Mayer’s Free Falling, followed by Nine Tayeb’s Self Destructive Mind and ends on a high note with the acoustic version of Passenger’s Let Her Go.

Bringing things to a conclusion is always the hardest part – that final cut with the knife. It is scary and often the most difficult thing in the world to do. I just wonder to what extent this playlist would really help on the subconscious level…

Photo credit: Pablo by Buffer

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