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HOW TO: 10 Apps to use with Twitter

Twitter is a very dynamic social network. Just imagine how many people can not get everything they want to say within 140 characters and you will get the picture. This particular social network just hit the 20Bn tweets, while it was only 15Bn two months ago (According to So while there are gazillion tweets out there, I’ve decided to share some of the Twitter related services that I am using:

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HOW TO: 10 Must Have WordPress Plugins

If you plan to start a blog , or you have a small business that you wanted to take online using as CMS (Content Management System), this post is for you. Naturally, every site has its why, what and how. Here, I will focus on the how and more specifically on the back-end of your online presence. These back-end solutions will make your life easier, speed up publishing process, search engine indexing and word-of-mouth marketing through social networks status publishing.

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