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Tolerance – A Tricky Word

Tolerance is a tricky word. Actually, its meaning is very straightforward, but when put into a social perspective in the modern age, it doesn’t really mean what we believe it means.

According to the dictionary, tolerance is:

The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
The capacity to endure continued subjection to something such as a drug or environmental conditions without adverse reaction.

And yet, people often ask for #tolerance – tolerate the immigrants, tolerate the LGBTQ community, tolerate the conservatives, tolerate the Leavers/Remainers, etc. The list is virtually endless. We use this word mostly when we mean understanding, acceptance or “as you were”.

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Working Title – Help, Bulgarians, I Need Somebody

Yesterday, a woman was killed by her former partner in Sofia, Bulgaria. He took their infant child and while the police were searching for the perpetrator, he killed the child and tried to commit a suicide. The society is outraged and demands justice. Again.

Unfortunately, the death of this 23 years old woman is part of a cruel statistic – a long list of Bulgarian women killed by their partners/husbands/male family member. If I am not mistaken, she is the 22nd such case since the beginning of the year. Well, one that we know about. And judging by looks of it, she won’t be the last one.

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At the rise of social media, the number of followers one has been a big thing. For many it still is. To the extent that influence is a bliss, that is. Or the proverbial “size matters for some and for others not much.”

I used to be very active on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, to the point that I had more than 250 interactions a day. I guess I could be have been called an influencer or a guru, because I had more than 5 500 followers on Twitter and over 22 000 on Instagram. Mainly, cause I was running growth hacking experiments.

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Therapy Through Writing

Writing is something I have enjoyed for the better part of my life. For a reason or two (or perhaps a thousand other excuses), I have not had the time to go after it in the past couple of years.

Never mind that, I have decided that I need to write as part of me trying to bring a bit of a structure to my life. Oh, and also for therapeutical reasons. My daily routine has gone haywire in the past few months. And for someone exhibiting OCD symptoms, this is not exactly a pleasant experience.

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