The Hustle Before Christmas

For a first time ever, it felt a lot like a hustle before Christmas for the both of them. Nothing really went as planned or at least not as every year before that. It was just different.

They were together for decades and happily grew old together. They were never blessed with an offspring or even a pet, so Christmas was the time for them to channel the inner child in both of them.

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Getting Feedback

Getting and giving feedback is an indispensable part of someone growing as a person and professional. But in order for it to be working, it has to be an honest and actionable one.

Today, I meat with a few friends over lunch and somehow the topic floated in our conversation. Everyone seems to be under the opinion that in most companies they worked at or discussed with friends, the problem of not getting proper and honest feedback is very persistent.

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The Third Lobster

Every year around this time, I can’t help but feel like the third lobster in a nativity play. Really, like someone who is part of the party, but just because all kids should be in it and no one should feel left out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. The Glühwein, the Christmas markets, the anticipation of presents made for and by loved ones, the annual bonus, people on the street being usually cheerful… All these things make the holiday season special to me.

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A Linguistic Approach To Sex

When one learns a language, it is only natural to start with the basics and often slightly deviate from the Puritan way and see what sex looks like in the foreign language. People in their twenties go as far as first learning the bad words and then the good ones.

Naturally, sex is often a topic in the exchange among foreign students in a university away from home. “How do you curse in your language?”, “How do you say sex?”, etc. In some languages, this is pretty straightforward – meaning many languages use the English word (for the act, not the gender that is). In others, the difference is huge.

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Visible Issues Of Invisible People

People tend to think of themselves as unique and superior. They refuse to recognise otherwise visible issues of invisible people – those unseen by the majority or ruling class.

The mother of two working multiple jobs when finally making it out of war zone her motherland is. The Roma teenager who has resorted to a life of crime, because he sees no opportunity in front of him. The African immigrant family who is pretty much the only dark complexion in a white neighbourhood.

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