Shtisel is an Israeli TV series I recently came to watch on Netflix. The story revolves around an ultra-Orthodox Haredi Jewish family, their daily life and choices they make along the way.

However fictional the family is, I can’t help but ponder on how little I know about the ultra-Orthodox society. The strict rules, the prayers and studying of the Torah, the arranged marriages, fear of dogs, the basic setting of their homes and the unpretentious cuisine are things I found interesting to learn.

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The Hustle Before Christmas

For a first time ever, it felt a lot like a hustle before Christmas for the both of them. Nothing really went as planned or at least not as every year before that. It was just different.

They were together for decades and happily grew old together. They were never blessed with an offspring or even a pet, so Christmas was the time for them to channel the inner child in both of them.

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Getting Feedback

Getting and giving feedback is an indispensable part of someone growing as a person and professional. But in order for it to be working, it has to be an honest and actionable one.

Today, I meat with a few friends over lunch and somehow the topic floated in our conversation. Everyone seems to be under the opinion that in most companies they worked at or discussed with friends, the problem of not getting proper and honest feedback is very persistent.

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Pamplona Street Art

Nothing shows more the social dynamics of a city than the creativity of its street art. Pamplona made no exception in that and offered more than I have expected within a couple of hours of walking around.

There was the uniqueness of the local culture, the political turmoil of seeking independence, the multinational society and the mastership of the street artist. Each an every one of them making a statement.

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