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Basel – A Photographic Impression

Basel is a city of many virtues and sights. It is a rich one not only history wise, but also in modern happenings. There is always something happening in Basel.

For us, it was interesting to browse through the streets, churches and museums and learn about the Protestant Reformation and how Basel came to be the way it is now. There were also many surprises along the way from day one. We saw a cafeteria for the first time being established in a… church. In that very protestant church, we saw an exhibition of the different types of veils Muslim women use to cover their heads. Here goes the prejudice of firm limits to the Christian faith. It seems that there is a way to cross those borders people impose on themselves. Well, the Church just as much.

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Geneva And Around

Switzerland is definitely among Europe’s most desired tourist destinations. And Lake Geneva (lac Léman in French) is one of the jewels in the Swiss crown. If it wasn’t for the high prices of pretty much everything, I am sure that Lake Geneva will be even more popular among travel enthusiasts. It certainly has a lot to offer.

Geneva is a beautiful city that feels a lot like France. Naturally, people speak more French there than any other language. The cuisine is exquisite and the services are as punctual as one can expect in Switzerland. And the lake…Oh, the lake! It is magnificent. It actually feels like as if you are at the seaside.

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2014 On Borislav’s POV In A Nutshell

The year is about to run away and pass the baton to 2015. Naturally, around this time every year people start reflecting on the days passed and what they have achieved. Some do that openly on their blogs or social network profiles. I decided to make no exception and write a little about what you have found most interesting in my blogging about digital marketing and the Internet.

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Какво четохте най-много през 2014 на

Някак мимолетно почти измина втората година на блогването ми тук на български. 2014-а беше всичко друго, но не и това, което очаквах от писането ми на роден език. Много неща, които планирах не се случиха. Исках да пиша повече за това, което ми харесва в България и нейното общество. Така и не остана време и настроение да го направя. Изгубих се в дебрите на отделянето на внимание на политиката и една от най-грозните черти, която българското общество показва в последните години – разделението на расов и сексуален принцип.

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