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You Are The Product, Stupid!

On and off there is this rant on social media about platform user interface, privacy and functionality changes. Every time Twitter, Facebook and other social networks introduce something new to their design or functionality, the user base goes berserk. So it happened recently with the new Twitter profile page, or the changed Facebook timeline, or even with Condoleezza Rice starting work at Dropbox.

For them, you are not a “user”, you ARE the product, dear! Or more correctly – the content YOU create on their platform. So you are the product and this product Facebook or Twitter sell to advertisers, not their platforms. So get over it and channel your disagreement towards making the content better!

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Digital Advertising or the Bulgarian Version

In my mind marketers are in the business of creating valuable experience, maintaining relationship and engaging the user. No matter whether it is the Internet, the mass media or mobile, the purpose of every advertising effort is to generate positive outcome for the company – sales, cash, better brand/company image etc.

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