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Writing On

I am now three blog post away from my initial goal, two if I don’t count this one – 300 published writings before 2019 hits in. This gives me actually only three days left in this year for writing.

When I started the #therapythroughwriting challenge, I wanted to bring structure to my creativity, a bit of discipline and most importantly shaping short stories in a coherent manner. Some 40 posts later I can’t help but think that this is only the beginning.

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Writing Eloquence

When I started with my writing eloquence challenge, I put a goal of a minimum 300-word text every working day. So far I have missed writing once or twice and on a couple of days, I felt extra wordy and two texts came out under my fingers.

I guess I never fully understood how difficult it is to write every day in a consistent manner. It is not due to a lack of ideas, just the opposite. It is the structuring of my rumblings and putting them into something resembling a coherent chain of thought.

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