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People are projecting. We often find it difficult to look at the facts and judge based on them. Instead, we pay more attention to our emotions, current physiological state and mostly what we believe is the truth. Perception is everything and perceiving is highly subjective.

One of the main reasons that fake news or “alternative facts” are taking over the world in recent years, is that they seem plausible in the eyes of the consumer. For her, it doesn’t really matter if they are or if they are not true, they just sound real.

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The Meanings of a Favorite and Retweet

Twitter’s popularity in the past couple of years has grown exponentially. Although this platform is trying hard to position itself as a first choice for the news and media aficionados, it is just as much a communication platform.

In the following lines I will be reflecting on the various meanings a Favorite and a Retweet bearing with their respective execution. I do that mostly from the position of an observer and one that experiments with communication types and strategies on Twitter. I find myself always fascinated by the way different wording, format, language or tone trigger different responses and a variety of social engagement approaches.

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