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Chuck Norris, Grandmothers And Their Cuisine

As urban legends go, Chuck Norris is the only one who managed to successfully convince his grandmothers he was no longer hungry. And I can relate to that big time.

My life would be very different should I have not been blessed with two incredible grandmothers. They couldn’t be more different from each other not only in the way they cooked but pretty much everything else.

One was a polyglot, a worldly person always dressed up, however modest her means. She always experimented with new recipes. Her sous-vide roasted chicken was something to die for. The soups were always exquisite and no one could ever be bored at lunch or dinner.

The other one possesses hands with skin moulded by decades of working in the fields and gardens. Which on its turn gave her little time to spend next to the oven. She has a number of recurring dishes, which she managed to perfect in taste. Her scrambled eggs over the fire are something I will never forget. She is also the most strong-willed person I know.

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