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Enigma Turns 25 And Launches Enigma Moments

Enigma turned 25 years old yesterday and launched Enigma Moments. The date marks the launch of the debut album “MCMXC a.D.” in 1990. Michael Cretu explains himself the project here.

Fans are able to create their own Enigma Moments by song or album, upload a picture, write their message and even put a particular date to pinpoint their Enigma history in time. It is a very easy form with a slick design and functionality.

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My Silence

One thing I wanted to separate from the paragraphs above is … my gratitude to Apple Inc. My Macbook suddenly experienced a flood of problems. I took it, while on my business trip, to an Apple service center and I got it repaired within 48 hours. So good-bye cracked plastic case! Bye-bye deformed battery! And hello looking like new Mac! So, thank you Apple Inc. and the authorized service center for being reliable, fast and understanding! You rock, guys!

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Digital Advertising or the Bulgarian Version

In my mind marketers are in the business of creating valuable experience, maintaining relationship and engaging the user. No matter whether it is the Internet, the mass media or mobile, the purpose of every advertising effort is to generate positive outcome for the company – sales, cash, better brand/company image etc.

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