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Your Wife Ran Off With The Neighbor

How many of us have experience short life batteries on their cell phones? How many of us decided to go with another vendor just because he was smiling genuinely, whereas the competition was looking condescendingly upon you? And how many of you saw” Lowest price on the Internet”, started the checkout process and ended up with close to twice the initially advertised price?

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Digital Advertising or the Bulgarian Version

In my mind marketers are in the business of creating valuable experience, maintaining relationship and engaging the user. No matter whether it is the Internet, the mass media or mobile, the purpose of every advertising effort is to generate positive outcome for the company – sales, cash, better brand/company image etc.

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Expandable Banners, Bulgaria & UX

Couple of days ago, I tweeted that an expandable banner on (a Bulgarian sport news portal) will result into me taking that site out of my bookmarks and respectively daily reads. The funny thing here is that I am a digital marketer and yet I despise some forms of digital advertising formats as an industry professional and as a user. But not to confuse you, let’s first paste the screenshots of the expandable banner…

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