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Some time ago, I spotted this sweet position at the Swiss watchmaker SWATCH. After reading the job description, I felt appealed to apply, although the guys stated they need someone that speaks fluently English, French and German. The latter does not fall in my expertise, but hey, I speak the language of 1/4 of the world’s population. That should make up for my illiteracy when it comes to the language of Goethe. Anyways, apparently I was not qualified enough. Nothing against that. It is only natural and no grudge here…

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SlideShare’s User Experience – Four processes that make it work or not…

I must say that SlideShare is a great platform that offers good user experience in many aspects and in my humble opinion there only few steps that keep them away from “greatness”. I tried to highlight almost everything I saw in the document below. Please keep in mind that the screen-shots were taken before the overhaul revamping of the Sharing options design on SlideShare! However, a recent check showed that the problems I have described are still pending fixing.

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