BTC – Staying Connected – 2

This starts to remind me a bit of the Rambo sequels… This time with BTC, of course. I had the previous “Staying connected” done a week ago when I was in Madrid, Spain. When I thought that I had it all covered, it turned out that it wasn’t true. Here’s the follow-up.

Well, as I was saying to my peeps. It took me about 17 days to get connected to Bulgaria. After calling BTC 3 times and getting 5 engineers at my place on two days, I finally got the network going on. The guys from the telecom were very polite, willing to help and totally customer-oriented. It wouldn’t hurt to do some follow-up after thinking that customer’s problem was fixed, though.

I am sure that every one of us has fields crying out loud for improvements. So BTC doesn’t take it personally. Just keep on providing good service and call for checkups from time to time!

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