Staying Connected

Some time ago, I decided to focus on some things that have been amazing me since the very adolescence – the digital aspect of my life and the Far East (China in particular).

When I got my first PC, I was no more than 10 years old. In that sense, I can not call myself a Digital Native. I started too late on that. I find myself still thinking analogue rather than a bit when it comes to certain issues and events. However, if you ask me what I would miss the most if I was estranged on a desert island, I would say that it would be my computer and the internet connection. See, I often go to Europe to visit family and friends. Most of them regard China as the Wild West, and no matter how much I have tried to explain that particular mindset would not change. Here is a thought, though. Recently I took upon a venture to find a reliable and cheaper ISP in Bulgaria. It took me a bit less than two weeks to find the solution to my internet needs, and to my surprise, I found it in the face of the ex-monopoly BTC. But before I got to them, I have checked all the new, popular and most advertised ISPs. Get that – they were all asking an enormous amount of money for service that would be eventually rendered, questionable infrastructure and coverage. But I couldn’t help the suspicion that my needs will be fully satisfied and my shallow pockets will part with a mere sum. Exactly the same issue was encountered in Spain and Italy. For the latter, though, Wi-Fi was not a popular option. In China, however, I would have had the infrastructure, the pricing and the ability to focus on my digital presence without even concerning myself with the previously mentioned first two points. I would have only the ABILITY.

In megalopolises like Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Кong etc. you don’t really need to think ahead about staying connected. Whether it will be your laptop, phone, the airport PC or any other web-points, you just have it. Is this really the Wild West I have heard so much about back in Europe?

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