Google Inc.

When we talk about the Internet, there is always one company that will be mentioned one way or another in the discussion – Google Inc.
Founded on September 4, 1998, by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, its service was first and foremost targeting the online search segment. By creating a complex algorithm, Google ensured user satisfaction pillaring on the following aspects:

•    Simplicity – design that does not make one’s mind busy with something else than getting the stuff that the user is visiting Google Search Engine for
•    Relevance – ranking results according to the number of times the search term appears on a page, some sources linking to that page, trustworthiness etc.
•    Added Value Service – Email, News, Coding, Online Advertising etc. (a complete list of Google’s Products)

Nowadays, there are few segments on the Internet that Google has not penetrated and offered a service or a tool. It has grown into such a size and influence that people started comparing it to Microsoft. But few things are differing from the company from Bill Gates’ one.
Its Search Engine amounts to 63% worldwide in 2008 market share. But 99% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising and le’s AdWords and AdSense and from the condition of DoubleClick(and Ad Serving company). The latter has turned into quite a buzz and antitrust investigation by the US Court of Justice, fearing monopolistic effect favouring Google. Some felt that with the acquisition, advertisers will face higher prices, users invade privacy and website owners lesser revenue. However, both the US Court of Justice and the EU Commission saw none of that threatening the market and allowed the acquisition. Whether their opinion is the correct one, we are yet to see.

But let’s talk a bit more about Google’s Added Value Services and Products! And to do that we should see where the company has put its money:
•    Search Engine
•    Telecommunication & Messaging – GoogleVoice, Gmail, Google Talk
•    Software – Google OS, Android (a mobile device OS), Chrome, Picasa, Google Docs and other coding opportunities
•    Innovations – Google Labs
•    Advertising – AdWords, Adsense and DoubleClick
•    Video – YouTube
•    Knowledge Base – Google Books & Scholar
•    Social  –

Google Acquisitions
Google’s acquisitions

The list is so extensive that it will be tough on your eyes to lay’em down all and most likely by the time you read this blog entry not so much complete. It seems that Google has some money to spare on achieving goals and is acting very aggressively on the market by purchasing companies with recognized or not so much potential (yet). The big question here, though, is how this will reflect on us as a consumer in the long-term. What is the goal in Sergey’s and Larry’s heads? And is the famous Prometheus or Prometheus – The Media Revolution part 2 videos a potential vivid reality?

My fears:
a.    Software-wise – At a certain moment of our digital lives, I believe most of us have been complaining about one or other Microsoft’s product. Fast-forwarding a few years, I wonder if we are not going to be put in a position where Google with its products will have the same market share that Windows or Microsoft Office Suit has at the moment and force most of us to use them fearing incompatibility with competitor’s products.
b.    Information wise – Everyone with a Gmail account does not have privacy on his/her searches on anymore. Emails are scanned to deliver tailor-made advertising on the left side of your window or on the top where news feeds are. And besides, Google, bot delivers the biggest share of the knowledge base – online published information. The issue here is Google owning both sides of the equation. This is an enormous power source and “Do no evil” will simply not cut it out of people’s mind. After all, the company is a business entity with shareholders to satisfy and show/deliver on the return of investment…
What are yours?

To be continued…

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