Google – The Competition

In my previous blog, I have mentioned that Google Inc has been on a shopping spree in the past few years. Actually, it was the search engine company that was doing so and its two biggest competitors in the face of Microsoft and Yahoo.

There seems to be a tough competition all across the board, and much of it is not related to the core business of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo… All three companies are trying to evolve and not found themselves behind the competition.  But for Google, we can recognise four major acquisitions that are proving the company’s determination to stay as the Number 1 search engine and the top online advertising machine:
•    YouTube – an online social platform for sharing video content.
•    Adscape – an in-game advertising company
•    FeedBurner – a customizable web feed management platform
•    DoubleClick – an internet ad serving company

This can only make me think that Google is focusing on its Web 3.0 future – the user-generated content and customization, where the social effect and personal exhibitionism will be the ruling factors. The only thing missing from that table is a well-behaving and progressing social network like Facebook (Microsoft already invested $240 million there, securing a 1.6% stake in the company). Of course, Google has Orkut, but it failed to hit the jackpot with it, and now it is mostly used in South America and particularly Brazil.

A few weeks back, though, two much-expected events concerning Google became a reality – the release of Bing and the collaboration pact between Microsoft and Yahoo:
•    Bing is a rebranded and a new approach to search offered by Microsoft. It is still on the launch stage and introduction to the user base, but it is gaining a market share. However, this is cutting more of the Yahoo searches than of the Google ones.
•    Microsoft‘s and Yahoo’s signed an agreement on a combined internet search that will equal 28%  (Bing + Yahoo searches) of the US searches. Almost immediately after that, Google has announced a new beta version of its search engine, improving the indexing speed, accuracy, size and comprehensiveness.

So I guess, we can say that we live in exciting times as search engine users and as digital advertisers, website owners, and fans of the internet medium…

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