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A new entry about face-to-face classes on IE Business School’s Online Master Blog is available. Do have a read if you are interested in knowing more about the program!

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“As promised in my last blog post, this week I will be focusing on the way the program works and especially the offline face-to-face periods.

IE’s Masters in Digital is based on online forums 11.5 months out of the whole 13 ones. For that 1.5 months or 5 weeks, we have to be present in:

  • Madrid – two weeks kick-off period
  • London – one week presentational period in the most digital city in the world that will conclude the end of the first semester and the start of the second one
  • Madrid – two weeks wrap-up with exams, business plan presentation and naturally getting that piece of paper that would matter less than it mattered when you decided to join the program. And it is mainly to the fact that you will treasure the experience through the past 13 months much more than your diploma.

Make no mistake, face-to-face periods are tough. You are expected to be on top of things from the very start. Most of us did not expect to be in for such a treat and we started our days at 7 am and finished them at 3 am the next day for most of those 14 days. And although it sounds too much and very demanding, I can not think of a single colleague of mine that complained or felt demotivated. At the end of the day, we all had tremendous fun battling the assignments and getting to know each other.

Now when I have gone through the first and the second periods I am more inclined to think that one can always find the time. Most of us have jobs, personal life involving dear ones or even families and this is all very demanding. But for the face-to-face period, this all is put on pause in most cases and the focus is not only on the studying but also in socializing and adding up to that glue that sticks up together.

It won’t be fair to say that those periods are only about studying. They never truly are, you know. There is also tons of fun while sipping from your morning coffee or lunching/dining with your new-found brothers and sisters, and not to leave behind those Friday and Saturday nights in metropolitan cities like the Spanish and UK capitals. Offline is also just as important as Digital is… ;)

The nature of Instituto de Empresa is to foster entrepreneurship. It is a core value and you get to see it from day one. Some of you will be finding their future business partners or start-up buddies exactly at this place and the time spent together will add tremendously to your judgment and potential spotting.

Well, folks, this is all for this week. Remember that if you have any questions, this is the place to take advantage and get some answers…

Next week, I’ll be focusing on online experience… Till then, have a good one living digitally!”

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