Conversion Funnel KPIs

Defining the Business Goals. How to establish the conversion funnel?

Business existence is based on the ability to create an economic value for its stakeholders. In that sense, before building a website or make changes on one, we should define our business goals and the purpose of that site on the road to achieve them. The critical cycle or the so-called marketing conversion funnel is as follows:


Defining KPI’s. How to construct KPI? Different KPI’s for different site types?

Key Performance Factors help to define and measuring progress while trying to achieve set business goals. It is important to agree among the leaders in the company when identifying and setting the KPIs. These indicators quantify the results of actions towards achieving the goal(s) or identifying fields that need optimisation or improvement. They represent metrics and ratios that differ depending on the purpose of the website at hand with the following examples:


KPIs should be monitored and at different intervals to obtain a clearer picture of the website consumption trends and evaluate the impact of changes made to it.

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