Primary Data Types vs. Secondary Ones

Primary and secondary data types represent a collection of information that can help one improve the website to optimise the reach of business goals. The segmentation of primary and secondary data types is as follows:

  • Primary Data Types
    • Behavioral Data – showing what the user is doing on the site
    • Attitudinal Data – focuses on why people show such behaviour
    • Competitive Data – the benchmark against what competitors are doing
  • Secondary Types
    • Call-center Data – focusing on what customers are looking for and can be implemented on the site.
    • Customer Data – helps getting insights on customer profiling with their behaviour.
    • Transaction data – amassing knowledge on transaction behaviour that can help optimise the process
    • Third-Party Research – not tailored to your specific needs and rather general, but time and cash saving option
    • Usability Benchmarking – Studying how users interact with the website and how easy it is to perform a task.
    • Heuristic Evaluation & Expert Reviews – done by experienced professionals & cheaper option to usability benchmarking.
    • Community Sourced Data – a useful source of a true perception of your product/brand

Work Methodology:

Data Types Methodology
Data Types Methodology


Case study: Leveraging different data to improve site performance:


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