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Yet another post on job hunting mishaps. Not necessarily mine, but then I ought to have something to do with it…

Some time ago, I spotted this sweet position* at the Swiss watchmaker  SWATCH. After reading the job description, I felt appealed to apply, although the guys stated they need someone who speaks fluently English, French and German. The latter does not fall in my expertise, but hey, I speak the language of 1/4 of the world’s population. That should make up for my illiteracy when it comes to the language of Goethe. Anyways, apparently, I was not qualified enough. Nothing against that. It is only natural and no grudge here.

But here is what cooled my feelings for Swatch – the email that they sent me in reply to my application:  to me            show details 10:55 AM (23 hours ago)

Dear salutation last name

We acknowledge receipt of your application (date GMT) as «SOCIAL
MEDIA PROJECT LEADER (F/M)» and thank you for your interest in our

We examined the submitted documents in detail. After careful
consideration of your experience, skills and qualifications we regret
to advise that we are considering other candidates who match the
skills and qualifications of this job profile more closely.

Wishing you all the best for your professional life, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
The HR Team

All your information has been deleted.

*** This message is generated automatically. Please do not reply. ***”

I know a thing or two about digital marketing. I also know something about email marketing platforms. But makes me wonder if Swatch or the company they hire (probably) for recruitment purposes does not know how to use their platform.

  • I’ve been called many names. For goodness sake, most of the people I have met outside of Bulgaria think that Boris is a shorter version of Borislav. Not such case at all! (Think of John and James! Are they the same name?) But “Lastname” is by so far the most original way to put my self-esteem down.
  • It makes me wonder if I got this email as a reply to a solicited application for a job opening at Swatch or at “company_name“. If the latter then I am sorry, but I do not remember applying there.
  • All your information has been deleted.” F@#$k!!! What???? All my information?!?!? Hold on a minute!  Emails – check. Facebook – check. Twitter – check. My blog and website – check… Oh, they probably mean that they have press the delete button on my resume, my cover letter, my salutation and contact information. But judging by this email, they do not know my name… Grhhhh! Internet is sometimes confusing.
  • They have examined and carefully considered squat. The email speaks for itself. Careful examination and consideration imply respect, awareness, and at least knowing my last name for real.
  • “This message is generated automatically” – this is the cherry. Talking about equal employment. I think the Swiss law has to say a thing or two about that particular topic.

Now, seriously! No grudge here. I love your products. My first cool watch was Swatch, and I still wear it nowadays from time to time. But if you pull up a stunt like that once more, my foot will never step in a Swatch shop, and I will most definitely have something to say when a friend asks me whether I will recommend Swatch or not. FACT!

Here is what you have to do:

  1. Get your email platform and the application database hooked up and working properly! No one appreciates “lastname” and “company_name”
  2. Work on the copy of your automatic email! Aim for a more natural tone with a personal touch! And most definitely get rid of the last line and replace it with something like “This is the sad email address. It pains us reading it, so we chose not to. Please don’t reply to this message!”  or something like that preferably way more creative.
  3. Hire people who can use the software to its limits and get results measured in happiness. Applicants are also real or potential Swatch customers.
  4. Find that Social Media Project Leader that will bring Swatch to the next level!
  5. Call me up if you need more insights on the applicant’s perspective and how to improve the user experience!

* Copy of the job description for Social Media Project Leader at Swatch:


The role of the Social Media Project Leader is to establish the ongoing social media strategy and to coordinate all social media activities for product launches and campaigns in line with the global launch image of the Brand.
Your Profile

Qualifications, experience, skills required for the position:
• Copywriting for tweets and social media posts
• Manage updates on Swatch branded/led social media platforms such as fan pages or streams on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and similar
• Identify and manage ongoing relationships with key fashion, design and pop culture bloggers
• Manage relationship with the social listening agency and be responsible for reporting of highlights to relevant departments
• Manage monthly reporting and evaluation
• Minimum 3 years of work experience within the digital marketing field
• Minimum 1-year experience of social media management, ideally at an agency specialized in social media marketing
• Copywriting background/skills in English, French and German. Chinese a strong asset
• Established network within the fashion and design blogosphere
• Proven track record of web campaign/social media data monitoring and analysis
• Digital Media Planning and Buying experience an asset
• ability to work independently and lead a project from start to realization
• Team player with good human relationship skills
• Flexible & motivated
• Capable of working in a fast-moving & ever-changing environment
• Creative and with affinity to trends of fashion and communication
• Languages: Bilingual: English excellent, French with very good knowledge of German or Bilingual: French/German with very good knowledge of English – additional languages are a plus
Professional Requirement

We are looking for a highly flexible and proactive team player with excellent communication skills as well as a persuasive yet polite diplomatic language.

If you feel this challenging opportunity is meeting your expectations, please send us your CV and some visual examples of your work.
Language Skills

– English
– French
– German
Start date

2010- 7-01
Job Location

Biel, Switzerland
Company Address

Swatch Ltd.
Jakob-Stämpflistrasse 94
CH-2504 Biel / Bienne

Maria-Rosa Troia
Human Resources
Jakob Stämpflistrasse 94,
2500 Biel 4 / Switzerland

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