Updated Website

My updated website is on. Please note that today I have introduced two changes on the website! Below you will find what has changed…

  1. I was struggling for the past couple of weeks trying to align the photography galleries’ design and display in a more user-friendly and consistent way the moments my camera has grasped. Now, you will be able to find a topical division of the galleries. Just click on the picture, and the set will display in a separate tab on your browser. Naturally, there are more to come shortly.
  2. Sharing knowledge has been incredibly facilitated by the internet in general and services like Delicious. So, instead of typing links and resources and making the resources page’s size incredibly long, I decided to paste the code that will allow you to browse my bookmarks by topics/tags. Later on, I plan to be including a list of books that I found enriching and worth to be recommended.

I hope these changes and the updated website are for the better. Should you have any suggestions on further making this website more useful to you, please let me know!

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