HOW TO: 10 Apps to use with Twitter

Twitter is a very dynamic social network. Just imagine how many people can not get everything they want to say within 140 characters and you will get the picture. This particular social network just hit the 20 Bn tweets, while it was only 15 Bn two months ago (According to So, while there are gazillion tweets out there, I’ve decided to share some of the Twitter-related services that I am using:

  • Klout – This tool allows you to see how influential you are online. The whole algorithm is based on who you follow and who follows you. So as little as my follower base is, you can imagine that I have a low score, too. But then my reward is that according to Klout I am an Explorer that gets Twitter (whatever that means). Yay!
  • Twitter Unfollower Tracker – With this one, you can chase the suckers that dared to unfollow you and ask them for explanation… I don’t advise the latter action, but everyone has a different view on life matters. 😉
  • Tweet Scan – Search, email alerts, and Twitter account back up. Very powerful! If you treasure all your bragging on Twitter or you think that it does matter, this is the tool to have your tweets saved for the future generation.
  • Tweetmeme – The for tweets. Everything hot on Twitter is there. And they also offer and very nice plugin for your WordPress blog. Anyways, it is very tasty. Do check it out, if you haven’t already!
  • Twitterfeed – An app that allows you to publish your website’s RSS to other multiple platform status posting services. It gets pretty exponential, especially if you are a social media maniac and sit on more than two chairs.
  • – Keeping links short is a must on Twitter. You do not want to waste precious characters on URLs. SO, shortens, manages, and keeps track of who, where, and when clicked on your published link. Pretty neat, I must say!
  • TweetDeck – A desktop, iPhone, and iPad client that lets you, monitor, and publish status updates on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and MySpace. Numerous features.
  • Hootsuite – The same as Tweetdeck, but somewhat more powerful, less usable, and online-based. There is also a desktop client version that works only with the latest OS of Apple and Windows. Does wonders for community managers!
  • Google Alerts – It not a secret that Google indexes everything that is set to “public”. In that sense, Google Alerts can be used to monitor what is being said about you or your brand on Twitter and other social networks. So, give it try by setting the search query and the frequency of checks that will be delivered directly to your mailbox!
  • Twitter Analyzer – Their slogan is “Analyze your way” and it truly does that. There are so many angles offered on looking at your Twitter account. You want to dig? This is the app for that.

Are you using any other tools with Twitter? Do share!

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