Complexity Out. Simplicity Stays

Google Inc. decided to turn off its Google Wave product. This was published at the official Google blog yesterday (August 8, 2010)

I wrote before about Google Wave at the beginning of my blogging experience here and here. I still believe that it is a great application that somehow turned out to be way ahead of its time and a bit too overwhelming. Adoption was tackled by the unusual complex design for Google products. It was a bit too hard on the eyes and this scared off users. Once again, the User Experience (UX) turned out to be a major reason behind traffic drive and usage. And funnily enough, so far this was one of the major drives to turn Google from a Garage Inc. into a monster with a little over 161 Bn USD market cap.

So complexity is out, and simplicity stays. No comments! The crowd has ruled. If you still have doubts, look below to compare Google Wave and Google Buzz.

Google wave

And here is what Eric Schmidt (Google’s CEO) saying about the decision and celebration of failures:

Google Wave goes down the drain, and Google Buzz stays. There are also rumours in the air that Google is working on the “Facebook killer”. Well, let’s hope that it won” be the same outcome that the social network Orkut showed. Although the latter is prevalent in Brazil, it failed to show the same success in other geographical regions.

Any opinions you would like to share here?

Image source: Google Inc.

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