My Silence

My silence is persistent. I know I have been absent for a while, and unfortunately, I will be absent some more. At least until the end of next week. But here is a bit more info on the topic.

  • The lack of posts for the past week was due to an enriching trip I took. I got to think, breathe and sleep digital strategy for a fascinating project. It is too bad that I am not allowed to say anything about it yet.  But during that time, we managed to come up with the how digital strategy for the campaign, set up the measuring tools and most importantly evaluate the current performance of the existing digital channels. And to my surprise, the team’s work was focused (no analysis-paralysis), quite productive and actually funny.  Who said there cannot be joy found while sinking deep in work?
  • Next week, it will be tough. I will be trekking at average 2,500 m above sea level. So, no Internet. Most likely, no mobile phone, either. The phone will be in the 20 kg backpack (I hope I can carry that), but I will be a fool to believe that GRPS and 3G connection can be established in the wilderness. So bear with me!

One thing I wanted to separate from the paragraphs above is … my gratitude to Apple Inc. My Macbook suddenly experienced a flood of problems. While on my business trip, I took it to an Apple service centre and I got it repaired within 48 hours. So good-bye cracked the plastic case! Bye-bye deformed battery! And hello looking like new Mac! So, thank you Apple Inc. and the authorised service centre for being reliable, fast and understanding! You rock, guys!

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