ConsuNo, this post is not about some poor family’s drama. It is about the reality in today’s consumerism society. A matter that started a few decades back and turned quality and long-lasting products and services into a use-it-and-throw-it approach.

How many of us have experienced short life batteries on their cell phones? How many of us decided to go with another vendor just because he was smiling genuinely, whereas the competition was looking condescendingly upon you? And how many of you saw” Lowest price on the Internet”, started the checkout process, and ended up with close to twice the initially advertised price?

The Internet has long ago changed the way the consumer thinks, behaves, and makes decisions. This technology has created an enormous amour of opportunities to take shortcuts in performing tasks. And the regular Joe is pretty ware of that. So, here comes the question – Why, on Earth, would a vendor ignore that fact?

We used to live in societies where relationships did matter. Jane bought our vegetables from the shop at the corner because the owner was taking the time to ask about her kids and life in general. The Joneses used to buy a family station wagon at the dealership that had the salesperson more interested in us getting the right car, rather than him getting the right commission. Nowadays, the consumer pushed to the limit by unsolicited offers, zero social factors, and extreme pressure. Naturally, people start to shut doors, ignore the noise, and get quite suspicious even when there is nothing to worry about.

One cannot help but see that a number of marketers are digging a hole so big that they might never come out of it. Where is the logic in that? There is certainly not an economical one there.

Think of your wife! She wants to be spoiled. She wants to feel appreciated, wanted, and treasured. She wants to be taken places and while getting to them, she wants to have a great experience. If you don’t offer any of that, chances are she will leave you and go on with her life looking for the guy that will be doing all that (or at least some of it).

So, why don’t you design a trip worth taking? An experience that your wife will enjoy and actually will enhance your image in her eyes. It is not that hard, really. Behind every husband, there is a human being hidden within. Just ask that inner you about what makes the best trip for you. Then ask yours and her friends. Also, ask random married gals you bump into at the local Starbucks every morning. Prepare a couple of options and then ask again. When you are sure that you got it right then start thinking like a husband and most importantly start practicing. Chances are she will never thing of the neighbor. She won’t even see him, while he is washing his new Mustang in front of his house.

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