Enigma Social Song Stage II

Enigma Social Song Stage II has started today. There are already 250 votes and counting – only 6 hours after the 3 musical versions Michael Cretu has created were released.

In this second stage – Social Song Stage II, the fans will have the opportunity to choose from the 3 different outcomes based on the winning vocal of Fox Lima. There is a chill-out version, a ballad one and one with a more energetic setting. Visit the voting page here!

Also, there are five instruments that Enigma’s friends can choose from and indicate their own flavour to be added to the winning tune. You can check them out here! Everyone is a musical magician here.

And last but not least, Enigma’s mastermind, Michael Cretu, explains what Stage II is all about.

So, if you fancy Enigma or writing digital marketing history, be sure to visit www.enigmasocialsong.com and take part in this unique event – creating online a song with the fans!

Image source: www.enigmasocialsong.com

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