Card Sorting – The Book

"Card Sorting" by Donna Spencer
“Card Sorting”

“Card Sorting” by Donna Spencer

Some weeks ago, I had the opportunity to catch a special deal on Rosenfeld Media – 7 books for less than 100 USD. I usually do not spend such a lump sum in one buy, but the bundle was so impressive that I purchased it in a heartbeat. And now I am reading one by one the set. So do expect all my short reviews to be about UX, IA and Web design in the next few weeks.

I started by reading “Card Sorting” by Donna Spencer. This is a topic that always wanted to look into a bit deeper. Since card sorting is a fun exercise that mixes user research with gaming, I find it an exciting topic.

To be honest, I have never done card sorting, but when I have to, and after reading this book, I am confident that I will avoid some of the beginner mistakes.

“Card Sorting” is short, easy to read and with a good flow of steps and answers to questions you might have. It walks you through each step of the process with no wandering around. So if you are a UXer, an agency employee or simply a digital marketer, do get a copy!

The book is available on Rosenfeld Media’s website here.

Have you read “Card Sorting”? If yes, please share your opinion of it in the comment section below!

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