Prototyping - A Practitioner's guide
Prototyping – A Practitioner’s guide

Prototyping – A Practioner’s Guide by Todd Zaki Warfel

Last week I had the pleasure to read Todd Zaki Warfel’s “Prototyping – A Practitioner’s Guide”. It continues to amaze me how the whole pack of User Experience books published by Rosenfeld Media are able to put a digital professional right on the scene. This particular book makes no exceptions and even goes further with hands-on review and advice on prototyping methods and approaches.

In fact, I was working on a couple of wireframes at my day job a week prior to reading “Prototyping”. After getting halfway through the book it started feeling a lot like a déjà vu. As Todd Zaki Warfel states, prototyping does save time, money and other resources. And I was able to confirm that with the observed reaction of the reviews of my wireframes. Well, they were an only static representation of ideas, but imagine if it was a full-blown HTML prototype.

But what is this book about? Todd Zaki Warfel shares his experience and knowledge walking the reader through:

  • The value of prototyping
  • The prototyping process
  • Five types of prototypes
  • The eight guiding principles
  • Which tools to pick
  • Review of up and downsides of the different most used tools

It is all laid down in a simple and understandable language.

“Prototyping – A Practitioner’s Guide” is not only for UXers, IAs or developers. It is a book that everyone that is thinking of creating a new product, service, website etc.  should read. It will not only put things into perspective but also offer new ideas and approaches.

So do get the book at Rosenfeld Media’s Website!

Have you read the book already? Care to shout out your opinion? If so, then leave a comment below!

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