Search Analytics for Your Site – The Book

Search Analytics for Your Site
Search Analytics for Your Site

“Search Analytics for Your Site: Conversations with Your Customers” – by Louis Rosenfeld

Usually, as digital marketing professionals, we tend to focus mainly on our performance reports regarding visits, page views etc. However, Louis Rosenfeld shows us another not less important way to dig into the visitor’s behaviour.

At first, looking at your site search data might not seem very sexy. However, it is very insightful and fundamental for figuring out how to improve the information architecture and the user experience. Site search data shows you what people are looking for and makes you think why they did not find it through the navigation bar or the other paths you have designed to reach the desired content.

The thing with “Search Analytics for Your Site: Conversations with Your Customers” is that you need to like your math. You probably need to have the will to convince the IT department that you need the data and that you are not trying to waste their time. You most definitely need to extract yourself from your initial beliefs and look at the data in an unbiased way. Once you go for it,  you will be getting valuable information that you can act upon and increase user satisfaction.

If you are a site owner or manager, information architect or UXer, you need to read this book. It will not take you more than a day. And I promise, there are things or two to take away and apply to your working strategy.

You may purchase the book at Rosenfeld Media designated book site.

If you have already read it, I would love to read your opinion in the comment section below.

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