Web Form Design – The Book

“Web Form Design” - by Luke Wroblewski
“Web Form Design”

“Web Form Design” – by Luke Wroblewski

As a user and as a practising digital marketer, I wondered why I have such mixed feelings about filling up a web form of some sort of working with a designer on one. As a user, I never want to give out too much information about myself, and as a marketer, I want to know as much as possible about the person interested in my product.

Luke Wroblewski tackles that chain of thought exactly in his “Web Form Design” book exposing his extensive experience and offering many examples and approaches to be considered. I must say that there is no beating around the bush here. Luke Wroblewski goes right at web form design and stops only at the last page.

Radio button, drop-down, number of fields etc… “Web Form Design” is all about that and more. So if you are thinking of launching a site that will offer content behind a login wall, you are currently employed in User Experience or think that web from design is something you should review and dig upon, please do read this book! If you are working for any government agency and are in charge of Citizen data gather, PLEASE GET “Web Form Design” by Luke Wroblewski and stop asking me to fill non-sensical and endless forms with irrelevant personal data!

You may purchase the book at Rosenfeld Media designated site.

If you have already read it, I would love to read your opinion in the comment section below.

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