Rework – The Book

“Rework” – by Jason Fried and David Heinemer Hansson

Let’s get something straight right in the second line of this post! You don’t have to buy “Rework” because:

  1. It has its own website with tons of great graphics and info about it.
  2. All these CEOs, leaders and other famous people say it is something you should read.
  3. Because it is available in every big online bookshelf out there
  4. Because it is written by two of the really successful online business (Basecamp) founders out there (well, this might be a reason, actually)

You SHOULD BUY “Rework” simply because it is bloody awesome, it makes tons of sense and leaves the bull (you know what) out.

Some of the lines I read inside of it, I recognized through the years myself. Others made sense right after my eyes scrolled over them, and third was simply starting a whole new chain of thought in my mind. And being a person with a BA in Management and MA in Digital Marketing, I am ashamed to say that some of my school books cannot even raise up to the expectation compared to “Rework”.

Thank you by Jason Fried and David Heinemer Hansson! Keep on sharing, please!

One can get the book at Amazon as usual or any other big shop actually!

If you have already read it, I would love to read your opinion in the comment section below.

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