Social Media Plugins And Your Website

In the past couple of months, I have encountered a number of websites that use the official social media plugins of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Since we live in times when social media is not only a buzz word but also a way to show to the world that you’re hip and happy to connect, I thought it will be good to share a thought or two on the topic.

  • Having a Facebook plugin that shows how many people liked your page, when that number is in the lower tens is not a good idea. Very few people will take you seriously and you are more on the pity side.
  • Having a Twitter widget that shows your latest tweets and the last one being from July 21, 2011, will show most likely that you have very little to say… Or you simply are not social at all.
  • The last video you posted on YouTube was not yours, but rather someone else’s. are you trying to knock some red stars off on another behalf or you’re just being a knock off yourself?

Be social only when you really are! This is not a game for shy guys. It is a game for the ones that believe that “sharing is caring”(in most cases it really is).

Choose channels you really feel comfortable with and use on a personal basis as well!

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