Best Wishes For 2013


We are about to enter a brand new year in our lives – 2013… In times like these, we hope for newer trips down the happy lane – a new start for some, a great continuum of the status quo for others and prosperity in general.

I want to thank each of you, who reads my blog, for doing so! You are giving me more than I believe I am giving you. Really! Thank you!

For the coming 2013, I wanted to wish you a few things:

  1. Fire – No, not the one that gives you pain. But the passion that burns inside of you and charges up your engine to create. The fire, just like the one in the chimney, keeps you all warm and cosy.
  2. Health – There are very few things in life more important than it. Be well, my friends!
  3. Love – Nada Surf sings “Always love, hate is always going to get you…”. Despite what many will tell you, love is the one thing that delivers the creation of beautiful moments. Oh, and I am not talking about exclusively about your love for another human being. Love is care, empathy, compassion and genuine passion.

Be well, be great in 2013!

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